Two people laughing on a marigoround with the title how journaling can make you feel like a kid again!

Two people laughing on a marigoround with the title how journaling can make you feel like a kid again!As we grow older, we tend to lose touch with our inner child.  Let's change that!

The responsibilities of adulthood, the pressures of work, and the challenges of everyday life can make it difficult to maintain that childlike sense of wonder and excitement

However, there is a simple activity that can help us reconnect with our inner child: journaling.

Journaling is an excellent way to tap into our deepest thoughts and emotions, allowing us to explore our inner selves and unburden ourselves of the stresses and worries of everyday life. By putting our thoughts and feelings down on paper, we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

But journaling can also help us feel like kids again, and here's how.

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1. It allows us to express ourselves freely

As children, we often express ourselves freely and without reservation. We sing, dance, draw, and play without fear of judgment or criticism. However, as we grow older, we may become self-conscious or embarrassed about expressing ourselves in such a manner. Journaling allows us to let loose and write down our thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. It offers us a safe space to be ourselves and express ourselves freely, just like we did when we were kids.

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2. It encourages creativity

Children are naturally creative and imaginative. They can create entire worlds and characters with just their minds and a few toys. However, as we grow older, we may feel like our creativity is stifled or limited. 

Journaling can help us rekindle that creative spark, as we can use it as a tool to express ourselves creatively. Whether it's through writing, drawing, or even scrapbooking, journaling encourages us to think outside the box and use our imaginations.

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3. It helps us play and have fun

Children love to play. They run, jump, and laugh without a care in the world. However, as we grow older, we may become too serious and forget how to play

Journaling can be a form of play, as we can use it to experiment and explore different ideas and perspectives. We can use it as a tool to have fun and let our imaginations run wild. By embracing our childlike sense of playfulness, we can rekindle that sense of joy and wonder that we felt as kids.

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4. It brings back memories

Journaling can help us remember the good times we had as children. As we write about our experiences, we can revisit some of the happiest moments from our childhood. We can remember the games we played, the people we loved, and the places we visited. By revisiting these memories, we can feel like we're reliving those moments and tap into that sense of nostalgia that we all feel from time to time.

Ignite the feelings of nostalgia by diffusing Sacred Mountain essential oil blend during your journaling sessions. It's grounding and comforting aroma can transport you back to those precious childhood memories.

5. It helps us learn and grow

As children, we are constantly learning and growing. We ask questions, make mistakes, and try new things

However, as we grow older, we may become less curious and less willing to take risks. Journaling can help us continue to learn and grow, as we can use it to reflect on our experiences and ask ourselves tough questions. We can use it as a tool to challenge ourselves and push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Cultivate a mindset of curiosity and growth by diffusing Frankincense essential oil. Its earthy and grounding fragrance can enhance focus and promote introspection, allowing you to ask insightful questions and stimulate personal development.

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Overall, journaling can be a powerful tool for reconnecting with our inner child. By expressing ourselves freely, encouraging creativity, playing and having fun, bringing back memories, and helping us learn and grow, journaling can help us feel like kids again

So, if you're feeling bogged down by the stresses of everyday life, why not pick up a pen and start journaling? You may just rediscover that sense of wonder and excitement that you felt as a child.


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