`Exploring Journaling for Self-Care in the Workplace: Insights from an Interview

In an effort to promote wellness and self-care in the workplace, Ericka Bohle, Assistant Director of School at Children’s Home Society, Lisa, co-owner of Bound to Journal, about the practice of journaling. Through our discussion, we shared our insights and experiences on the benefits of journaling and how it can be incorporated into our daily routines. The following are Ericka's comments and our responses to the questions asked during the interview. Visit Bound to Journal for even more tips and tricks on how to incorporate this powerful tool into your wellness journey.

Journals That Travel Aren't Always Travel Journals

Have you ever had an awkward experience during a live interview that challenged your thinking and revealed significant aspects of your work? This happened to me when I was asked to explain the difference between my travel journals and journals that travel with us. πŸ˜„πŸ—ΊπŸ“š

There's value in being prepared, especially when you use your journals as travel resources. We'll help clarify these subtle yet significant details we discovered that can enhance your traveling and journaling experiences. With these insights, you'll be ready to enjoy your next adventure and document it with ease. πŸ“