Journaling as a Form of Meditation: How Essential Oils Support the Experience

Journaling is a powerful practice that combines reflection, release, and self-expression. With the support of essential oils, it offers clarity, calmness, and a deeper connection with oneself. Like traditional meditation, journaling encourages us to be present in the moment and fully engage with our thoughts and emotions. It provides a safe space for releasing pent-up emotions and thoughts, fostering self-awareness, and inspiring creativity. Incorporating essential oils into your journaling practice can enhance the overall experience, with scents like Lemon or Lavender promoting relaxation and focus. So, whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, consider incorporating journaling and essential oils into your routine to experience their transformative power on your well-being.

Creatively Unlock Your Thoughts with Image-Based Journaling!

Person drawing in journal for post titled Creatively Unlock Your Thoughts with  Image-Based Journaling!Discover the power of image-based journaling with Young Living's "Not-so-ordinary journals." Image-based journaling allows for self-expression through the use of images, colors, and artistic elements. It enhances self-expression, stimulates creativity, deepens self-awareness, provides a sense of playfulness and joy, adds variety and engages multiple senses, and sparks inspiration and new ideas. Incorporating image-based journaling alongside traditional journaling can deepen your journaling experience. So gather your art supplies and embrace the new and creative world of image-based journaling. Check out our events schedule for guided classes or read our blog posts for more inspiration.

Impact-Focused Journaling: Catapulting Growth Beyond Goals

Shift your focus from setting goals to making a positive impact along the way. View goals as part of a growth-filled journey, not just a final destination. Journaling is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between thoughts and actions, helping you understand emotions, challenges, and achievements. It keeps you mindful and intentional, guiding your choices towards your values and the impact you want to make. Journaling cultivates accountability, empathy, and inspires others to create positive change. By documenting instances of making a difference, you'll feel more connected to your community. Let's shift from traditional goal-setting to an impact-focused mindset, where every small action makes a difference.

Boost your Journals by Adding Collage

Do you struggle with getting journal ideas or adding images to your journals?
Have you tried using collage techniques?  A simple receipt or picture next to your journal entry can enrich your work. Not just visually. Images help you dig deeper into your intended meaning.
The written word is beautiful by itself.  However, collaging items near, around, under, or on top of your words can push your words and meaning to a new level.


7 Tips to Make the Most of Summer Journaling

Woman sitting on boat writing in a journal on her lapSummer brings a sense of excitement and adventure that can inspire us to write more often in our journals. However, even with well-established habits, it can also be difficult to find the time to write when there are so many other activities competing for our attention. 

Even our good habits shift with the season, and that can be healthy if you're prepared! The long days and warm nights present us with opportunities to reflect on our experiences and the memories we create.

That’s why we’re sharing 7 Tips to Make the Most of Summer Journaling. Let your summer journaling stir up wonderful memories and preserve new ones to make the most of every moment.