Visualize Your Dreams with Vision Board Journal Pages!

Visualize your dreams with vision board journal pages horisontal title image

Visualize your dreams with vision board journal pages vertical title imageYou might have heard of vision boards but…

…. vision board journal pages?

It’s one of our favorite ways to reap the benefits of creating a vision board but journal sized and handy to view.

So what’s a vision board? What would you like to see in your future?

Vision boards are a collection of images and words that represent your goals and dreams. The collection is collaged (gathered and assembled) together to create a picture of your future.  Vision boards got their name from putting visions/images of what you wanted in your future onto a canvas or bulletin board. After completion, they're intended to be hung where you'll see them frequently to keep your dreams alive and your focus on the future that's on its way to you!

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Why create a vision board journal?

Creating your vision board journal is like flipping a switch, activating multiple parts of your brain

Your brain benefits the minute you begin imagining your future and gathering images
As you proceed in the creative process, you flip more switches activating memory, decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking sectors.

The process provides the opportunity to identify your dreams while you exercise your brain

Plus, you get to keep your dreams and goals close “in hand” as a constant visual reminder!

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What you see is what you perceive as possible!

Research shows that the brain craves visual images. Images trigger the same sections of the brain that actual real-life scenes trigger.

Visualizing techniques have been used by professional athletes like Kerri Walsh, Misty May-Treanor, Lindsey Vonn, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Many celebrities have incorporated the use of vision boards. Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce, Kellan Lutz, and Octavia E. Butler, the science-fiction writer. Katy Perry discovered vision boards at 9 years old.

Entrepreneurs and smaller business groups use vision boards to clarify and focus on their business goals. Vision boards have become a communication tool used with clients beyond the branding and advertising fields.

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But wait, there are more benefits!

Have you ever had one of those fun conversations with someone about what you'd do if you won the lottery? How did the atmosphere or your moods change?  What wild imaginative thoughts crossed your mind?   Did you feel a physical change? Did you feel giddy or smile more?  Did you automatically start thinking of a plan?
Visualizing exercises have proven beneficial to:
  • reducing stress
  • organizing your thinking
  • and preparing you mentally for the task ahead.
You see, you're probably already pulling up memories and smiling just from visualizing the thoughts!

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Where and how do you start a vision journal page?

Have you already had ideas surfacing after reading the first part of this article?

We always recommend starting with a journal entry brainstorming list.  The list can include anything on your wish list whether it seems far-fetched or attainable.  Just write!  Feel the joy as you work! 

Don't edit your list! You may not have faith --yet--that it could really happen.  Allow yourself the freedom to just dream and play with your thoughts.

Next, grab a magazine, travel brochures, postcards, or whatever you have available for images and words. Cut or tear out the images and words and set them aside.  Gather, gather, gather!    Don't worry about where they'll be placed in your journal.  Just gather!  

As your pile grows, more thoughts will surface.  If you need to download an image, go for it!  

The process is ongoing so no rush to collect.  It's great if you can complete your vision journal page in one setting but not required.  Just starting the process provides you with the benefits, so enjoy!

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Can you create more than one vision board journal page?


Especially if you find that you've collected far more images than you can fit on one journal page.  You'll start to get the feeling of whether they should be separated into themes or another category idea that's surfacing.

You can create a vision journal page to represent the overall life or create one for each aspect of your life such as: 
  • dream home
  • physical goals
  • home remodeling or new home
  • ideal career
  • money and financial freedom
  • daily routines, schedules, or lifestyle changes
  • ideal diet, exercise, or fitness
  • specific projects you'd like to finish or begin
  • wardrobe
  • creative activities or abilities
  • educational opportunities
  • vacations and adventures
  • dreams for your family life
  • etc.•
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How do you use a vision board journal?

Psychologists suggest that the subconscious mind works much like a programmable computer hard drive. Even when goals seem out of reach or you’ve had a tough stretch of life, the vision you’ve created will help you stay focused on your dreams.

There are two key principles to a visualizing practice.
  1. Be consistent. It’s far better to visualize daily for even 10 minutes than an hour every so often.
  2. Be positive. Celebrate your vision! It may take a while to ‘own’ your vision page. Reread your journal entries. Study the images. Imagine one piece of your dream at a time and build to the full image.
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Make new vision board journal pages regularly.

Life changes. Thoughts evolve. Rethink your vision.
What you see is what you perceive as possible!

How about making an entire journal filled with vision pages?
Making new vision board journal pages is a fun way to revisit your goals, refine your vision of the future, and enjoy using your journal

Each time you sit with the image you created, you will reactivate your brain and your dreams.

Check out Boost Your Journals by Adding Collage and Rev up your Collage Supplies Sure to Inspire Your Journal Entries for more ideas for using collage in your journal designs.

Remember to share your vision board journal experiences with us!

We love to hear your stories and see your journals and pages.