How To Choose an Essential Oils Company: 3 Strict Standards We Follow!

Selecting the right essential oil company is essential for anyone looking to incorporate these powerful, natural products into their wellness journey. With an unregulated market filled with varying qualities, choosing a trusted company guarantees the purity, safety, and effectiveness of the oils. Look for a company that stands out by controlling its production from seed to seal, ensuring unmatched quality through ethical and sustainable practices.

Experiencing a company's farm operations firsthand can further validate the quality of essential oils. Young Living welcomes the public to visit their farms, showcasing their commitment to transparency, responsible sourcing, and production. This not only builds trust in their products but also underscores their dedication to sustainability and ethical practices.
Find a company that distinguishes itself with its strict Seed to Seal® standards, guaranteeing that each essential oil bottle is pure, potent, and of supreme quality. With in-depth testing, including third-party verification, a quality company should ensure their oils are clean and beneficial, prioritizing consumer health and therapeutic efficacy. For those seeking effective essential oils, recognizing the importance of these strict standards is crucial. We can help direct you to the company that fits our 3 strict standards so you can take a look for yourself and move on confidently to exploring the benefits of essential oils.


Top 8 Ways We Use Lavender PLUS bonus ideas!

Woman in lavender field with Young Living Lavender essential oil and vitality oil bottles

Discover how we enjoy the amazing benefits of lavender essential oil and why it's considered the most versatile oil. Learn fun facts such as how it takes 27 sq. feet of plants to create just one 15 ml bottle of lavender oil. Find out how to use it for seasonal relief, promoting relaxation, skin and lash conditioning, and more. Plus, explore bonus ideas such as DIY perfumes and adding a drop of Lavender Vitality™ to your lemonade or mascara. Discover Young Living™ Lavender, the only oil approved for internal use by the FDA.