Why go all-in on YOU? 
You know you’re ready for a change, but you’re not quite sure where to start. Or, the change is out of your control and has already begun so you want to make the best out of your experience. You deserve to have a rich and fulfilling life full of health, adventure, love, and happiness. All of this can be achieved by consistently taking small steps in a positive direction. And we’re going to show you how.

Here’s what to expect when you work with us… 

  • Discover a brand new approach to journaling that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle
  • Calm the spiraling thoughts in your mind and reduce your stress levels
  • Improve your memory and spark new ideas and inspiration

  • Discover the numerous benefits of essential oils
  • Learn how to easily incorporate the right oils into your lifestyle
  • Feel a sense of confidence that the answers to life’s questions you’ve been searching for can all be found within you!

"I only came to your presentation because of my friend.  Journaling, using images, and incorporating essential oils are all new to me.  Now I'm excited to start a journal so I can include copies of my grandmother's handwriting plus one to preserve memories of special times with my granddaughter."

- Mary
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This isn’t your average journal that you’ve tried in the past. Our methods are totally unique, and they’re sure to help you uncover clarity around questions you’ve been struggling with or simply allow you to use your creativity to freely express yourself. Everyone has a slightly different experience which is one of the beautiful things about this practice.

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Unlock the Impressive Benefits of Combining Journaling with Essential Oils

It’s pretty common knowledge that journaling helps reduce stress and anxiety, but did you know it also helps boost immune function and improve memory? This along with the endless benefits of essential oils can take your whole life in an amazing new direction.

Here are a few different ways we can help you reach your personal goals.


Grab a pen and download your one-page journal and we’ll show you how a few simple prompts can help you discover the benefits of journaling.



Take one of our classes,  join our essential oils team, come to one of our events, have us speak at your event, or arrange a 1:1 visit. We’ll help you decide what the best fit will be to meet your needs.


Just like you, our items are one-of-a-kind! No two hand-bound, upcycled, wire-bound, journal accessories, or limited edition hand-made books are the same. Check here often and watch our social media posts for new items, and contact us directly for custom orders.
"I was caught in a "change of life" cycle.  I've forgotten my identity beyond my job.  I enjoyed the concept of creating in nature and have been working on the suggestions for experimenting with my journal.  I'm starting to remember what my interests are and what I enjoy doing."

- Glen
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  • Keep living your healthy lifestyle while having all your favorite products paid for
  • Gain access to exclusive discounts, best prices, promotions and rewards through an ongoing loyalty program
  • Enjoy flexibility to work wherever you are by setting your own schedule
  • Experience personal fulfillment by reaching new and exciting goals by helping others

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Change Starts with One Decision - Make Yours Today

We went from living “okay” lives to now almost literally living our dreams all thanks to a transformative journaling practice and holistic lifestyle. If you’re ready to discover your “more” in life and turn that vision into a reality, we’re here to help you every step of the way.