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"Journal writing gives us insights into who we arewho we wereand who we can become."

Sandra Marinella

Hi! We’re Allen & Lisa, Co-founders of Bound to Journal.

Isn’t it interesting that you can give guidance to others, but when it comes to your own issues, without the right tools, even simple decisions can feel difficult?  Our careers were based on helping others and teaching them decision-making skills, but when it came to our own lives, we were too close to issues to see the numerous options out there for us. 

We met after working through some pretty difficult work situations and failed marriages. Individually, we were on a good path, but together we navigated an even more ambitious goal toward healing and growing.  

Bound to Journal emerged as we shared discoveries we’d made staying positive while stumbling toward change.

Our course designs guide you through a process of reaching clarity, deeper creativity, and a better understanding of yourself while working toward your goals.

Our mission is to support wellness through journaling and essential oils.

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Let the free-flow of ideas, inspiration, and clarity begin!

Want to start experiencing the endless possibilities of putting pen to paper? You’re in the right place. Feel your ideas start to stir as you walk through a quick and easy one-page downloadable journal that we designed just for you!

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