Your heart knows the answers. But you have to quiet your mind to hear the questions. 

  • Are you ready to live a life with new purpose and meaning? 
  • Not sure what’s next, but know that you’re meant to do more?
  • Does your current mindset allow you to see new possibilities?
  • Where would you like to see yourself in a year?

Let’s work together to start answering those questions. 

You’ll reap a list of benefits from our not-so-ordinary journaling techniques while relaxing your mindreducing your stress, increasing your memory, and stimulating new ideas to help you move forward.  

Picture this… 

A quiet evening at home, a few glasses of wine, and a notebook.  

It was our first New Year’s Eve together that we discovered the benefits of journaling.

But this practice wasn't new to us. 

We’d already been journaling daily at home and work. However, we’d both just relocated to a new state, changed jobs, started our new life together, and were healing emotionally from our past relationships.   

That New Year's Eve there was something magical that occurred forever changing our mindset.
It’s a strange feeling to get to the point in your career where you still enjoy it, but you're no longer chasing the next promotion. 
This unique one-page journal will introduce you to our not-so-ordinary journal shapes, folds, and methods of journaling 

  • Planning out an exciting and fulfilling life beyond your career.
  • Filling your free time with mind, body, and soul-enriching experiences.
  • Finding creative outlets and adventures.
  • Getting more productive during your day.
  • Sparking new-found creativity! 

Meet the founders of Bound to Journal

During the fall of 2010, 

...and after a couple phone conversations and a 15 hour first date, we knew we’d be sharing the second half of our life’s journey with someone who made every day magical.

We enjoyed the busy exciting life we had while building our careers, but the pace was grueling.  We worked full-time and multiple part-time jobs while continuing our education. Work demands and unhealthy home lives magnified the need for change.   

Oddly – though several states apart and unaware that the other existed – we were both initiating steps to shift to a simpler, more meaningful life. We biked, spent more time in nature, found self-help resources, dug out our journals, and initiated the necessary steps toward a more physically and mentally healthier life. 

Had it not been for a well-timed keystroke, we would never have met.

Now, we focus on what’s possible, the steps – even the smallest ones – that each of us can make toward the vision we hold for our lives. We celebrate each day with the confidence that life only gets better when you’re coming from a place of hope and gratitude. An extra dose of creativity and humor always helps.
Integrating journaling, essential oils, and our love of nature into our teaching and daily lives has enriched our experiences. And we know it can do the same for you.

Learning and sharing is a contagious cycle that keeps us excited to start each day supporting wellness through journaling and essential oils.  

Bound to Journal and Redsage™ LLC are the products of our journey.

Meet Allen

I like a good grilled burger. I’m a career service manager, fly-fisherman at heart (slowly converting to fishing from a boat), greenhorn inflatable kayaker, hobby bicyclist, lover of mountain streams and lakes, power tool enthusiast, amateur photographer, owner of a ridiculous amount of CDs, fishing books and magazines, t-shirts, and underwear.  

Our hands fit perfectly together. Every day with Lisa brought healing to my heart and mind, which meant clarity and newness of life. When we started our journey together, the first gift I gave her was a journal, so we could capture the moments of our new story. 

A Little More About Us

Between the two of us, we’ve owned eleven homes, lived in seventeen different states, and traveled to forty states, ten countries, and one commonwealth–so far.

We took the South Dakota Park Challenge and visited all 67 parks in one year. We also keep a National Park Passport in our truck glove compartment and get it stamped at each new site!

We travel everywhere with our inflatable kayaks and fishing poles, ready for an opportunity to explore new waters.

We met online and were engaged two months later.

The first gift Allen bought Lisa was a journal. 

We both love essential oils!