Ever feel like you've lost a piece of yourself along life's winding journey? It’s time to find it.

Lean into your true potential, redefine success on your terms, and reignite your passion for life… no matter your age or circumstances. What if rediscovering a whole new vibrant and purpose-filled life was just a journal entry away?

Hi! We’re Allen & Lisa, Co-founders of Bound to Journal.

Isn’t it interesting that you can give guidance to others, but when it comes to your issues, without the right tools, even simple decisions can feel difficult? Our careers were based on helping others and teaching them decision-making skills, but when it came to our own lives, we were too close to issues to see the numerous options out there for us. 

We met after working through some pretty difficult work situations and failed marriages. Individually, we were on a good path, but together we navigated an even more ambitious goal toward healing and growing.  

More Than Words on a Page

Embark on a personalized exploration using the power of reflective journaling and the essence of essential oils. 

Imagine tapping into once-forgotten dreams and creating a roadmap that helps them come true.

Our workbook will guide you step-by-step through a redefining process aimed at magnifying your purpose, reigniting your passions, and helping you find that missing piece to help you feel whole.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Lisa and Allen – you two are AMAZING people! I can’t even describe how much you’ve inspired me with your artistic talent and journaling classes! Thank you for giving us permission to color outside the lines, connect with ourselves more deeply through journaling,  and honor our need to care for ourselves through creativity and play.” 

“Community Education has had the pleasure of experiencing Lisa and Allen’s professionalism mixed with the perfect personal touch on several occasions. They have such a unique blend of care, kindness, and passion you can just feel. They truly really make an environment better with both their demeanor and expertise, and create a safe, inspiring, creative learning experience.”
-Melanie Erickson, Community Education, Sioux Falls School District