Allen & Lisa, Cofounders of BoundtoJournal, are laughing holding polka dot journals with a cartoon bear behind them for a post titled 6 Fun and Silly Journaling Ideas

Allen & Lisa, Cofounders of BoundtoJournal, are laughing holding polka dot journals with a cartoon bear behind them for a post titled 6 Fun and Silly Journaling Ideas Do you know how you'd  answer the question, "Why journal?"

Journal because...  

Have you ever found yourself setting a journal on your nightstand, only for it to collect dust as days turn into weeks and weeks into months? Well, dust off that cover because we're diving into the wonderfully whimsical world of journaling—a practice not just for deep thinkers and literature enthusiasts but for everyone who enjoys a dash of fun and a sprinkle of silliness in their lives.

“Journal because…” was our new social media idea that surfaced during the winter holidays 2023. 

Maybe it was the time of year when we needed a break and our brains were a bit punchy, but whatever stirred the ideas, they came rushing in like a wave when that door opened. The Journal Because ideas were a mix of one-liners that surfaced from different sources like class conversations, billboards, daily life experiences, news headlines, and many rather unlikely places. As often happens with creative brainstorming, once we opened that door, more ideas flooded in, and the series of reels took shape.

Why Journal? Journal because is a fun and light hearted set of reels for the Bound to Journal youtube channel for post titled 6 Fun and Silly Journaling Ideas
Have you seen the reels on social media?  Here's the link to a Journal Because... YouTube video of our first set.

The phrases helped us enjoy the lighter side of journaling but also offered the opportunity to address more serious content in short phrases that allowed for reader interpretation.

6 Journaling Ideas to put the fun and silliness in your journals

Based on the fun we’ve had with our playful social media posts, we're here to share some delightful reasons you should consider sharing a bit of your silly side in your journaling. These are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and perhaps even a profound thought or two in your heart.

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1. Channel Your Inner Comedian

Journaling doesn't always have to be about your daily routine activities or your most emotional and deepest thoughts.

Have you ever known a cartoonist? They keep their drawing or writing journals with them wherever they go to record cartoon inspirations from their daily experiences. It might be a random thing you see someone do in the grocery store or at a gas station. With this mindset, you’ll start seeing typical work scenes and family holiday gatherings with a new appreciation. Everyday occurrences, daily antics, or familiar routines may have irritated you in the past, but your new comedic perspective will add the light-hearted balance you need to survive mundane events or painfully long meetings.

Why not make your journal a space for your wildest, most hilarious thoughts? Jot down funny things that pop into your head throughout the day or your bizarre dreams at night.

Let your light-hearted nature shine through. Who knows? You might have enough material for that book you’ve wanted to write or a stand-up comedy show.

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2. Become the Main Character in Your Own Adventure Story

Through journaling, you can be the hero of an epic tale, a wanderer in unknown lands, or a detective solving mysteries.

Turn your everyday life into a grand adventure by noting down the day's events with a dramatic flair. Your journey to the grocery store? It’s a quest for the hidden treasure among the aisles. That awkward elevator ride? A suspenseful encounter with a mysterious stranger. The possibilities are endless!

Even if being a superhero isn’t something you can see yourself imagining, think about it from a different perspective. 

When you’re in a less than comfortable situation, have you ever wished you could be someone or somewhere else? Who would you be? What attributes would you have? Where would you be? It’s no different than imagining things you’d do differently if you won the lottery. Let your imagination help you see other options for your own story.

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3. A Space for Your "Oops" Moments

Let's be honest; we all have those moments we wish we could erase or, at the very least, keep hidden away. 

Your journal can be a safe space where you confess the silliest mistakes, blunders, and "I can't believe I just did that" stories. Not only does it make for entertaining reading in the future, but it also reminds you not to take life too seriously.  Can't remember specifics?  Ask friends and family who may have witnessed your mishap or look at your social media posts for clues.  They're sure to stir a few memories.

Maybe the Oops moments aren't yours.  Think of the number of times you’ve heard a teacher or parent say, “I wish I’d written a book of all crazy things kids say!”  Imagine if you had, much like Art Linkletter did. It could have been a bestseller! Focusing on seeing and recording the sillies also helps your attitude and outlook, especially in chaotic and stressful situations.

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4. Concoct Magical Potions

Well, maybe not actual potions, but here’s where you can blend your love for essential oils with your journaling practice.

We all have our favorite oils and we know that not all plants produce essential oils. But, if it were possible, what plant would you love to imagine having an essential oil? Or, if there was an essential oil to fix, cure, or create “x,” what would the oil be, and what would it do for you?

Your brainstorming for fun might lead you to new recipes or remind you to break out of your routine and enjoy the underused essential oils you have in your stash. As you jot down your thoughts, why not note the scents that accompany your mood or your writing theme for the day? As you put a little Lavender for a calming narrative, peppermint to spark those bright ideas, or a blend that takes you on a sensory journey into your diffuser, think about your diffuser.  What would it look like if you were to design a new diffuser?  What size, shape, color, and specific attributes would it have?  

It’s a fun way to add another layer to your journaling and embrace the holistic essence of your life.  Who knows?  Your ideas may turn into a new profitable design idea!

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5. Whispers from Your Future Self

Imagine receiving advice from the future, or better yet, celebrating your victories before they happen.

One of the best exercises we did during graduate school was writing a letter to ourselves that we couldn’t open until graduation. It forced us to process our intentions for going through the program and visualize our feelings upon completion.

Use your journal to write letters to your future self. Pen down the dreams and goals you wish to achieve, the fears you hope to conquer, and the person you aspire to be. It’s a mix of aspiration, motivation, and a bit of time travel that makes the journey all the more exciting.

Do you struggle with visualization or want to explore your ideas creatively?  If so, you'll enjoy our post, Visualize Your Dreams with Vision Board Journal Pages!

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6. The Encyclopedia of Your Quirks

Ever stopped to think about all the tiny, quirky things that make you, well, you?

Your journal can be a living, breathing archive of your quirks. From the way you can’t help but dance a little when your favorite song plays (even if you're in public?) to your uncanny ability to remember the words to rhymes from your childhood or random facts but can’t remember birthdays—document it all! It’s a celebration of your uniqueness and a reminder that the little things often set us apart.

Nothing comes to mind?  Ha!  Watch out.  If you ask those closest to you, they'll have a list.  If you don't want to be scrutinized, think about your daily habits and routines.  What little things bug you if someone else is in your space?  What are your must-haves or must-do things when you travel, go to restaurants, or your workspace?  You're sure to find at least a few quirks that are yours and yours alone.

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Journaling is not just about keeping a record. 

Journaling is about unlocking creativity, cherishing the mundane, and finding joy in the narrative of your own life. Whether you’re penning down your next comedy skit, detailing your latest adventure, or concocting a sensory experience with your favorite aromas, remember this: your journal, your rules.

If you still aren’t sure why to journal, follow us on social media to find the “Journal because…” reel that motivates you to embrace the fun of journaling!

Getting creative is so important in your journaling and your daily life.  This post will explain more about why it's so important:  Creativity! Make it Your Priority

So, grab your pen, and let the fun begin!


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