top view of an essential oil bottle reducer showing two holes with ?

top view of an essential oil bottle reducer showing two holes with ? and Redsage Living Blog logoWait... there are two holes?

Yup!  Sure enough, there are two holes in the top of each bottle. 

No, oil doesn’t drop from the center hole, that’s the air vent that allows the oil to flow smoothly.

The tiny hole on the edge is actually where the essential oil comes out! 

Who would have guessed?!?

top view of an essential oil bottle reducer showing two holes labeled with air hole and oil hole

Here's another tip!

Have you experienced getting too many drops of essential oil when you only need one?   It happens to us, especially with certain oils that are thinner like lemon vitality or peppermint.  

No need for waste or unnecessary stress!  

Here’s what you do. 

  • When you open a bottle, find the tiny oil hole in the top.
  • With a marking pen, draw an arrow on the side of your bottle pointing toward the hole
  • For thicker oils, point the oil hole down to get your drop.
  • If you're using a thinner oil, point the oil hole up so you have better control of how many drops come out.  
A bottle of Young Living Rose essential oil with two arrows drawn to indicate the location of the oil hole

An extra tip and a fun word!

In the previous tip, we mentioned the thinner, lower-viscosity essential oils flowing faster.

Some oils are thicker because they have a higher viscosity, making them act more like a solid.  Examples of these oils are  Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sacred Sandalwood, Rose, Vanilla, and Vetiver. 

Have you tried getting drops from some oils you know are full but they just don't want to flow?  

This is a viscosity-related experience. 

In order to flow freely, they need to be warmed up with ... body heat!
What?  Where?Woman smiling while lightly covering her eyes while essential oil bottles float in the air around her.

Best locations for warming your high-viscosity oils: 

  1. In your bra.
  2. Under your arm.
  3. In the waistband of your pants.
Body temp is ideal and gentle.  

You may want to begin warming the oils as the first step in your project.  This will allow time for them to warm while you're getting things ready to mix up a DIY or put drops in your diffuser.

If you'd like to check out the essential oils we've recommended or some of the other products available to support your reasons for diffusing, use our link to Young Living. You can explore the products, read the science and suggestions, and even register for an account for FREE without purchasing. If or when you want to purchase, you're all set up, and we're here to help you.

Have fun and enjoy every drop!

Are there any other questions we can help answer?

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