woman sitting on a hill of blooming weeds sneezing into a tissue with post title DIY seasonal relief rollerball

woman sitting on a hill of blooming weeds sneezing into a tissue with post title DIY seasonal relief rollerball

This is the essential oil blend that completely won us over!

Regardless of the time of year, we've found that our sinuses and respiratory system need support due to various natural and man-made triggers in the air. We've noticed this not only during the fall and harvest season but all year round, indoors and outdoors.

Because we love being active and exploring new places, we didn't want anything to hold us back from enjoying the outdoors, being around animals, or browsing through charming old shops. 

That's when we came across this amazing essential oil blend!

Yup! This blend rescued our vacation! During a particularly rough day at work, a friend saw how miserable I was feeling and knew I was about to leave town on a trip. She created a special roller ball blend for me, gave me instructions on how to use it, and by the next morning, our vacation was back on track! 

It truly saved our precious time away.

Woman outdoors blowing on a handfull of weeds sending plant particles in the air

Can you believe this all started back in 2017?
That's when we first discovered the incredible world of essential oils and our lives haven't been the same since!

The oils you’ll need for this recipe:

Seasonal Relief Roller Ball

Combine all oils in a 10 ml roller ball. Gently rotate to mix.  Apply to sinus areas and wrists.  

This blend continues to support our well-being

If you want to check out these essential oils or some of the other products available to support seasonal relief, use our link to Young Living. You can explore the products, read the science and suggestions, and even register for an account for FREE without purchasing. If or when you want to purchase, you're all set up and we're here to help you.

Man and woman out in nature calmly breathing in the air with heads tipped up.

We start each morning and end each day by rolling on this blend.  

We never leave home without this roller blend in our travel bag. It's become an essential part of our daily routine, providing us with the sinus and respiratory support we need to keep exploring and enjoying life to the fullest.


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