A red-orange tulip blooming through a layer of snow for post titled 5 Tips to Get Your Mind Off Winter and Thinking Spring!

A red-orange tulip blooming through a layer of snow for post titled 5 Tips to Get Your Mind Off Winter and Thinking Spring!

Are you feeling the winter blues and ready for longer days?

Are you ready for the rejuvenating warmth of spring and the joy of being out enjoying longer days and more time in nature?

Let's stir a few memories of the qualities you're most looking forward to in spring.  These five uplifting strategies are designed to break the monotony of winter and infuse your days with a revitalizing brightness and a dash of aromatic delight.

5 Tips to Get Your Mind Off Winter and Thinking Spring!

three people walking through a snow trail in the woods for post titled 5 Tips to Get Your Mind Off Winter and Thinking Spring!

1. Immerse Yourself in Nature

Don't let the snow halt your communion with nature.

Whether it's a brisk walk to your mailbox or an extra moment's pause on your front steps, embracing the outdoors, even in the smallest doses, can shift your mood. If stepping outside is not an option, create a serene haven indoors by sitting next to a window, browsing online for vibrant images of nature, or watching videos filled with lush sceneries and natural sounds.

Start a journal entry with the date and location (even if it's virtual). Describe in detail what you see, hear, or feel. How does the scene make you feel inside? Use descriptive language to paint a picture within your journal. This practice improves your mood and hones your observational and writing skills.

Enhance this experience by diffusing uplifting essential oils like Pine for that fresh forest scent, Lemon for a burst of citrusy freshness, or a Geranium blend to evoke a sense of being in a blooming garden. Journal the emotions and thoughts these scents and sights stir within you, allowing the blend of imagery and aromas to guide you toward brighter days.

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2. Explore Indoor Gardens

Plan a visit to a local arboretum or greenhouse. Let healthy plants' warmth and visual pleasure rekindle your anticipation for spring.  For even a short window of time, your mind and body forget that it can be frigid outside!

Document your visit in your journal—note the plants that catch your eye, add a sketch and breathe deeply to recharge your spirit with the essence of growth. Take photos or pick up brochures to attach images, and dedicate a journal page to each plant or scene that caught your attention. 

What colors and shapes are you drawn to? Write down any thoughts or feelings that come to mind. Are you inspired? Calmed? Joyful? Reflect on why certain plants resonate with you, and consider how you can infuse your life with more of the energy they represent.

Surround yourself with the natural aromas, and consider wearing an essential oil like Lavender on your pulse points to keep you relaxed and fully present in this green sanctuary.

desktop with coffee, crackers in saucer, colored pencils, and a Pre-spring projects list with 1-4 lines for post titled 5 Tips to Get Your Mind Off Winter and Thinking Spring!

3. Motivate Yourself with Deadlines

Set a date by which you wish to accomplish specific pre-spring tasks.

Writing these tasks in your journal helps with organization and serves as a motivational tool. Look at the list of what needs to be finished before spring, and use your journal to break down these tasks into manageable steps. Write about why these tasks are essential to you. How will completing them improve your quality of life? Visualize and journal about the satisfaction and freedom you'll feel with each task you check off.

As you ink down these goals, diffuse a refreshing essential oil blend of Peppermint and Orange to stimulate your senses, add clarity to your thoughts, and boost your enthusiasm for the tasks.

looking down on a person sitting on a couch drinking from a mug with paint color samples, house blue prints, paint roller & tray, on plastic for post titled 5 Tips to Get Your Mind Off Winter and Thinking Spring!

4. Craft Your Spring Blueprint

Now is the time to plan your garden or outdoor living space.

As you outline your plans, let your journal be a canvas for your creativity and aspirations. Beyond making a list of spring preparations, dedicate a journal section to exploring how each activity can enhance your life. For instance, when planning to trim plants or start a garden, write down what these plants symbolize for you. Are they a new beginning? A reconnection with nature? Use this space to reflect on past gardening experiences and what you hope to achieve this year.

Is there something in your landscape that interferes with the flow of your yard?  Is there a planting area or bush that's right in your natural walking path?  Or, do you need to create a sitting area to relax and enjoy your space?

Enhance your planning session with the fresh, green aroma of Basil or Rosemary essential oil diffusing around you, sparking creativity and invigorating your senses. These scents are perfect for bringing the essence of a herb garden indoors, stimulating your visualizations for spring.

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5. Dream Big for Summer

Envision the perfect summer and jot down these dreams.

From adventures in national parks to serene evenings in your backyard oasis, let your imagination run wild on the pages of your journal. After listing your summer dreams, pick a few favorites and dedicate a page to explore each in depth. Why does each activity make it to your list? How do you feel imagining yourself in these situations? Use your journal to map out the steps needed to make each dream a reality, treating it as a project planner. This method turns abstract dreams into achievable goals.

If memories stir your summer dreams, take a few moments and identify the who, what, and where of those memories.  You may not be able to recreate that experience but, if you drill down to the reasons the memories were significant, you may be able to tailor your new summer dreams to capture new memories.

Complement this activity with an essential oil blend featuring uplifting citrus notes and floral whispers, like an exquisite fusion of Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit, to elevate your mood and encourage positive thinking.

Why think spring?

person wearing a big sweater sitting in a window seat and writing in a journal, coffee cup on the ledge, dried flowers on ledge near window for post titled 5 Tips to Get Your Mind Off Winter and Thinking Spring!
Journaling helps us with mindset and "staying in the moment. so why are we still in winter but focusing on spring?

These activities aim to invigorate our senses, pull ourselves out of any dreary winter thinking, and deeply engage in life no matter the season.

Journaling and essential oils help us 'wake up' to our deeper sense of purpose and meaning. With the ideas and exercises above, you dive deeper into your emotional and psychological connections with spring and the activities it brings. Through detailed exploration and reflection, you set the stage for a rejuvenating season and harness the power of journaling to clarify, motivate, and inspire. Your journal becomes a living document of your journey from the final days of winter to the heart of summer, capturing thoughts, dreams, and achievements along the way.

Embrace these strategies with open arms and an open heart, allowing the thoughts of nature, the therapeutic touch of journaling, and the enchanting world of essential oils to lead you into the vibrant embrace of spring. 

Here's to a season filled with growth, renewal, and the sheer joy of simple pleasures.


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