Desert mist diffuser and plant in front of a blurred out bed for post titled 5 Reasons to Diffuse Essential OIls Every Day!

Desert mist diffuser and plant in front of a blurred out bed for post titled 5 Reasons to Diffuse Essential OIls Every Day!Diffusing essential oils is the BEST air purifier!

OK.... this post could end right here, cause you got the main message.

However, if you're not already convinced, we'll expand on that idea and share a few more reasons, one is sure to fit your lifestyle.  

Yes, our Bound to Journal™ primary wellness focus is always on using essential oils while journaling, but it's so much more.  Just like with journaling, the benefits of diffusing essential oils will impact your entire day and how you sleep at night.  

*Make sure to read to the bottom for the Important Notes!

Let's take a look at the 5 Reasons You Should Diffuse Essential Oils Every Day:

1. Cleanses and Purifies:

Essential oils have remarkable cleansing properties. When diffused, they release tiny particles into the air that can help remove impurities, allergens, and bacteria, effectively purifying the environment you breathe in.  Pollutants come from many sources.

Diffused essential oils are indeed a fantastic way to purify the air in your home or workspace naturally.  Don't overlook your gym bag, car, truck, garage, closets, and basement!  
woman sitting at her desk in front of a computer wearing a bright saphron sweater with aria diffuser running for post titled 5 reasons to diffuse essential oils every day!

2. Natural Air Freshener:

Unlike conventional air fresheners that contain synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals, diffused essential oils provide a refreshing and clean scent without any toxic additives. They effectively neutralize odors, leaving your space smelling wonderful and inviting.

3. Supports Respiratory Health:

Certain essential oils, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree, have powerful respiratory benefits. Diffusing these oils can support healthy lung function, open up airways, and promote clear breathing.  Two of our other favorites are R.C. and Raven plus there are several additional combinations and blends available.

4. Boosts Mood and Energy:

Different essential oils have unique therapeutic properties that can positively impact your emotions and mental state. 

Diffusing uplifting oils like citrus blends or calming oils like lavender can set a peaceful ambiance, reduce stress, and enhance focus and productivity.  Diffusing as you're shutting down for the day and calming your brain to sleep.  Combine this with your gratitude journaling with oils like Lavender, Cedarwood, and Bergamot for a peaceful night's sleep.

5. Supports Immune System:

Many essential oils possess immune-supporting properties.

Diffusing an oil blend like Thieves, which combines powerful essential oils like clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary, can help reinforce your body's natural defenses and maintain a healthy immune system.  
woman smelling an essential oil directly from the bottle for a post titled 5 Reasons to Diffuse Essential OIls Every Day!

Remember, there are various diffusing options available to suit your preferences:

- Direct Inhalation:

Simply inhale the scent directly from the essential oil bottle or a cloth infused with a few drops of oil.  Peppermint is great for a quick pick-me-up.  Whenever we're not feeling like ourselves emotionally or physically, we like to inhale one of the high-frequency oils like rose.  It helps make you feel more like your happy, usual self again.

- Diffuser Jewelry and bookmarks:

Wear diffuser jewelry or use a diffuser bookmark infused with your favorite essential oils. 

As you move throughout the day or sit with your favorite book or journal, you'll experience the revitalizing aroma.  There are several options available in pins, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with designs to fit all styles.

- Vent Diffusers:

Attach a vent diffuser to your car's air vent to enjoy the benefits of diffusing essential oils during your commute.  

Several simple and attractive designs are available.  A homemade alternative is a piece of felt and a clothespin clipped to your vent louver.  Just drop a drop or two on the felt and let the natural airflow of your vent or fan system disperse the aroma.
Aria ultrasonic diffuser on table next to plant for post titled 5 Reasons to Diffuse Essential OIls Every Day!

- Ultrasonic Diffusers:

These diffusers use ultrasonic technology to create a fine mist of water and essential oils, releasing them into the air as a fragrant and cleansing vapor.  

These can be small and inconspicuous or beautiful pieces of decor.  We have suitcase-sized diffusers, some that fit in our vehicle cup holders, and larger elegant display styles. They come in a variety of cover materials, including plastic, glass, and ceramic. 

- Atomizing Diffusers: 

Atomizing diffusers disperse essential oils into a dry, vaporized mist, allowing you to experience the full therapeutic benefits without dilution.  We keep one in a central location in our home, running Thieves all day long.  No water is needed.  We thought this style would use more essential oil, but it's extremely efficient and runs and runs!
several bottles of Yound Living essential oils next to a diffuser on the grass with fall leaves around it for a post titled 5 Reasons to Diffuse Essential OIls Every Day!

Important Notes:

Before we get into the many other reasons you should be diffusing daily, you need to know a couple of things.

*This article focuses on COLD diffusing.

Heating essential oils makes them less effective. This includes oil heating units and candles.

*We only recommend using premium essential oils from Young Living® 

Just because an oil says it's 'essential' doesn't mean it is. That's marketing. 

If you'd like to check out the essential oils we recommend or some of the other products available to support your reasons for diffusing, use our link to Young Living. You can explore the products, read the science and suggestions, and even register for an account for FREE without purchasing. If or when you want to purchase, you're all set up, and we're here to help you.

If you diffuse an oil you bought off a store shelf, online, or a company that brags about a couple of tests they've done but left out other long lists of tests for purity, DON'T use it! They are more than likely made up of synthetics, which can be harmful to you and your pets. That's one of the many reasons we only use Young Living® essential oils.

Make diffusing essential oils part of your daily routine and experience the incredible benefits they provide for your overall well-being. Young Living offers high-quality essential oils and diffusers to support your journey towards a naturally purified and refreshing environment.


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