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Bookmark - Skeletonized Leaves on French or English Dictionary (2 1/2" x 8")

Skeletonized leaves on French and English dictionary pages are laminated and in presented in book card pockets
Have you ever looked closely at a skeletonized leaf? They're so delicate and frail-looking but a stunning gift of science! We've chosen page sections from French and English dictionaries, then delicately cut and attached each leaf with a needle applicator to preserve each leaf section. The leaves are so delicate you can still read the writing from the page! Each bookmark has been laminated and comes in a book card pocket with a leaf stamp on the front. The pockets serve as additional bookmarks where you can also slip your notes in on the series you're reading or tuck in journal prompts, daily affirmations, page reminders, or morning messages.

*Because of the clear laminate, all images appear that the bookmarks have a dark edging. It's actually clear and just exposing the colored background from the photo.